Recommended Reading for Meeting 2

25 Sep

Meeting 2 next Tuesday (October 2) will drill down on artist agreements and music publishing agreements, with some emphasis on the overlap between the two.  We will also touch briefly on how producer agreements relate to artist agreements and pubishing agreements.

We are happy to have Tom Gimbel as a guest speaker on the role of the personal manager for artists.  Tom is the General Manager of Austin City Limits and a veteran artist manager.

You can register for the class on Eventbrite: Please register at this link.

The following are suggested reading from the Class Materials for Download tab on this blog:

Review the Rights Tree for Meetings 1 and 2

Review the “Glossary” pieces linked below.

Read:  Record Producer Agreements and 20 Questions for New Artists articles.

First Use Mechanical License

Compulsory Mechanical License under Section 115

Artist Glossary of Industry Terms: Advance

Artist Glossary of Industry Terms: Unrecouped, Recoupment, Recoupment Rate

Podcast: A Glossary of Industry Terms: Recording Agreements

Article: A Glossary of Industry Terms

Common Music Licensing Terms

Podcast:  An Interview with Keith Bernstein, CEO of Royalty Review Council about royalty auditing

Huffington Post: How Artists Get Paid for Internet Radio: an Interview with Mike Huppe of SoundExchange Part 1 and Part 2

Podcast: Mike Huppe of SoundExchange and Chris Castle on the role of SoundExchange Part 1 and Part 2 (Arts+Labs Innovation Central)

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